Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2834 The Bet

Gregory had initially thought that Jared was not doing anything due to the lack of a pill cauldron.

“Mr. Stark, don't worry. Mr. Chance hasn't started yet because he's confident.” Ghaylen intervened
when he saw Gregory about to lend his pill cauldron to Jared.

“Hey, this is the most critical part of the competition. We can't afford to be careless! If Mr. Chance
doesn't win first place, I'll feel really bad. It's all because of me...” Gregory blamed himself, his face
filled with self-reproach.

If he hadn't been manipulated, Jared wouldn't have ended up in this fourth round of the competition.

Ghaylen patted Gregory on the shoulder, trying to calm him down. Hence, Gregory had no choice but
to sit back down.

Meanwhile, within Roderick's spiritual cauldron, the spiritual fire surged. A medicinal aroma wafted in
the air as the flames danced and shifted continuously,

Strands of aura continually swirled around the spiritual cauldron, indicating an extremely fast
alchemical process was happening within.

However, Jared remained calm, merely watching Roderick intently.

Roderick felt slightly unnerved by Jared's persistent gaze and said, “Why do you keep staring at me? If
you don't have a pill cauldron and can't craft a Seventh Level pill, just admit defeat already and save us
all some time.”

“Who told you that I can't craft it? I'm just not in the mood to start now. If I can craft a Seventh Level pill
in just a few minutes, wouldn't that disgrace you?” Jared replied with a cold smirk.

Hearing Jared's confident words, Roderick retorted, “Kid, stop bragging. I've already completed half of
my Seventh Level pill. Even if you start now, you won't catch up to me! Crafting a Seventh Level pill in
a few minutes is an outrageous claim. If you truly manage to craft one that quickly, I'll not only bow
down to you, but I'll also give you my spiritual cauldron. If you fail, you'll need to bow to me three times.
How about that?”

Jared's eyes brightened at Roderick's proposal. “It's a deal. Can I trust your words, though?”

“A real man keeps his word. There are so many witnesses here. How could I not keep my word?”
Roderick affirmed.

As Jared and Roderick unexpectedly began to bet on the arena, the others also became increasingly

However, they all believed Jared was merely boasting. After all, who could craft a Seventh Level pill in
just a few minutes?

“This young man's spiritual sense is impressive, but he's too young. Only someone so young would say
something like that and dare make such a bet,” the elderly judge commented, shaking his head

Initially, he admired Jared for being able to craft such a potent Focus Pill at his age. He even went as
far as considering Jared a prodigy.

However, Jared's penchant for boasting was a flaw.

Gregory also grew anxious. He really wanted to stop Jared as he thought the latter shouldn't be betting
against Roderick!

“Since you're true to your word, I'll give it a try,” Jared said.

With that, he casually made a gesture.

His Divine Cauldron flew out from his Storage Ring before landing on the stage.

“What's that? A cauldron?”

When Roderick's gaze fell upon Jared's Divine Cauldron, a cold smirk curled his lips.

Jared's Divine Cauldron was pitch-black and devoid of any luster. It resembled an ordinary scorched
iron pot.

The onlookers couldn't help but mock it upon seeing the Divine Cauldron.

“D*mn, what is that? No wonder he didn't want to show it. It's freaking embarrassing!”

“It can't even compare to the cauldrons provided by Jipsdale for the competition. Isn't that really just a
rusty old pot?”

“He's so sentimental about this cr*ppy pill cauldron that he still hasn't thrown it away. How laughable!”

Laughter rippled through the crowd as they poked fun at Jared. Even Gregory's expression soured
when he saw Jared unveil his Divine Cauldron.

Meanwhile, the elderly judge's eyes widened in astonishment as he caught sight of the Divine

With just one glance, he discerned that Jared's cauldron was far from ordinary.

Its exterior was deliberately roughed up by Jared.

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