Novel Name : Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband

Chapter 1382

“Alright, I’ll shut up.” Patricia handed Hope to Jeremy. “You guys feed him first. I need to prepare some
food for Nelly.”

Jeremy carried the baby over to Cornelia, “I can help you feed him.”

Cornelia blushed and said, “You, you turn around. No peeking.”

Jeremy coughed awkwardly, and said seriously. “I’ve already seen them, and kissed them. Just now I
even suck them…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Cornelia glared at him. “Jeremy!”

Jeremy dared not say more and obediently turned around.

After Hope finished his milk, he stopped crying and lay peacefully beside Cornelia, fast asleep. Patricia
also brought over a lot of delicious food for Cornelia, a variety of options for her to pick from.

Just as they finished eating. Hannah arrived. She lived in Harbor City, so she was the quickest to

Jeremy was wise and left the space for the two of them.

Hannah said, “Not only is President Hartley okay, but you two made up?”

Cornelia knew Hannah’s persistent nature. If she didn’t clarify things, Hannah would keep asking. So
she explained, “There was some misunderstanding between us, but now it’s cleared up, so we made

Hannah was genuinely happy for them, “I told you before, your boyfriend loves you so much, he would
never betray you.”

Mentioning this, Cornelia felt a bit remorseful, “I was so naive, fooled by the illusion he created. He was
so sick, and I wasn’t by his side.”

“You can’t blame yourself. He deliberately deceived you, and anyone would be fooled.” Hannah held
Cornelia’s hand, “Nelly, don’t beat yourself up.”

Comelia smiled, “Hmm.”

Hannah continued, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard you had already given birth this morning. I
remember your due date was still twenty-something days away. How did it come so early?”

“I had a dream, and it scared me.” But telling the truth would probably make Hannah mock her every
now and then, so Cornelia didn’t say it, “Maybe my Hope wanted to meet his mommy earlier.”

Looking at Hope lying peacefully beside Cornelia, Hannah voiced a sudden desire, “I used to not like
kids, but seeing Hope lying so quietly, not crying and not fussing, I suddenly

want one.”

Cornelia replied, “First, you need a boyfriend to have a baby.”

Hannah retorted, “Getting a boyfriend is a piece of cake, but finding one as good as yours is not easy.”

Cornelia asked, “Has Steven contacted you lately?”

Hannah answered, “We’re divorced. Why would he contact me?”

Cornelia asked, “Then why did he come to you last time?”

Hannah laughed, “Maybe his ex-girlfriend is not feeling well. He can’t find a suitable replacement, so he
came to me again.”

Cornelia said, “Hannah, I’m not being nosy. I just want to tell you, for men who date two women at the
same time, you can interact with him, but you must protect your feelings and not get hurt.”

Hannah replied, “Nelly, don’t worry, I’m not easily fooled. I won’t let someone hurt me over and over
again. Even though he doesn’t love me, we are very familiar with each other’s bodies. We can give
each other the greatest pleasure.”

Cornelia was speechless.

Hannah suddenly whispered, “Actually, I don’t want to be with him anymore, but I have needs. I tried to
find other men, but I couldn’t even kiss anyone else.”

Talking about this made Hannah feel very down. Her body only responded to a man from her past, so
how was she supposed to live for the next few decades?

Was she supposed to stay celibate?

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